Outer Wilds Quantum Moon - How to Get to the Quantum Moon, Reach the Sixth Location

Outer Wilds Quantum Moon - How to Get to the Quantum Moon, Reach the Sixth Location

The Quantum Moon is a mysterious place where the Nomai travel for pilgrimage. Here’s how to get there.

Outer Wilds tells the tale of the Nomai and their tragic demise while investigating the mysteries of the universe. Your ultimate goal is to reach the Eye, though you’ll definitely want to solve the mystery of the Quantum Moon as well. Getting to the Quantum Moon in Outer Wilds is no easy feat, as you’ll need to warp to the elusive sixth location using the Quantum rules you’ve learned while playing. In this Outer Wilds Quantum Moon Guide, we’ll tell you how to get to the Quantum Moon, and how to warp into the Sixth Location.

Outer Wilds: How to Get to the Quantum Moon

The Quantum Moon is one of the Quantum Objects in Outer Wilds. This means that when you aren’t looking at it, or a picture of it, it teleports around the universe. The easiest way to find it is to head to Giants Deep. If you keep looking at and then away from the planet, the Quantum Moon will appear. Send out your Scout towards it and take a picture of it. This will keep it in place, allowing you to land on it.

Outer Wilds Sixth Location

Once you’ve landed on the Quantum Moon, you can start making your way to the Sixth Location. To do this, locate the Quantum Shrine, a huge tower that behaves like a Quantum Object.

Head inside the shrine, close the door behind you, and use the switch ahead to light up the room. The markings on the wall will remind you of the three rules you have learned so far. To your right is a map of sorts, showing all six locations. To warp to a new location, dim the lights. When you turn them back on, you’ll be at one of the six spots.

The Sixth Location is indicated by the Eye symbol to the far right. To get there, you must follow this rule: “the Sixth Location can only be accessed if the shrine is on the North Pole of the planet”. To get there, start by warping the Quantum Shrine to the Ember Twins.

Once you are there, head out towards the North Pole. Once at the North Pole, look around until the Quantum Shrine warps in. Head inside and warp to the sixth location. Exit the Shrine and you’ll be there.

Outer Wilds Solanum - How to Speak to the Nomai at the Sixth Location

Once you arrive at the Sixth Location, head to the South Pole. You’ll find a Nomai called Solanum there. You two don’t speak the same language, so you’ll need to use the projection stones ahead to speak. There are two main stones: Explain, and Identify. Use these to learn about each subject, and when you’re done head up through the cyclone.

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