Outer Wilds Quantum Trials Walkthrough - Where to Find the Tower of Quantum Trials

Outer Wilds Quantum Trials Walkthrough - Where to Find the Tower of Quantum Trials

If you want to learn the second Quantum Rule in Outer Wilds, you’ll need to find and clear the Tower of Quantum Trials. Here’s how.

If you want to reach the Quantum Moon in Outer Wilds, you’ll need to learn all of the Quantum Rules. One of them is found in the Tower of Quantum Trials, a rather tricky puzzle section tucked away on Giant’s Deep. To help you locate the Tower of Quantum Trials, and to make sure you clear your way through it in time, we’ve put together this Outer Wilds Quantum Trials Walkthrough. We’ll take a look at where to find it on Giant’s Deep, how to clear each of the Wandering Arch Puzzles, and what Quantum Rule you will learn for doing so.

Outer Wilds Quantum Trials Location

To find the Tower of Quantum Trials in Outer Wilds, you’ll need to head to Giant’s Deep. This is the dark green planet with swirling tornadoes and an electricity-guarded core. You’re looking for the largest cyclone, located around the north pole of the planet. Simply fly into it, and use your up thrusters to get up and over it. You’ll find the Tower of Quantum Trials inside.

Outer Wilds Tower of Quantum Trials Walkthrough

Once inside the Tower of Quantum Knowledge, you’ll need to take on a series of puzzles. They will teach you some new info on quantum objects, and give you a hint for getting to the Quantum Moon. Here’s how to clear the Tower:

Wandering Arch Puzzle

You’ll learn a key rule here: ‘observing a Quantum object and observing an image of a Quantum Object are the same thing’. This means that as long as you can see an image of a quantum object, it will stay in place. This first puzzle is easy, just keep looking at the arch and walk up to it. Drop down through the hole.

Wandering Arch Puzzle 2

Onto the next puzzle. You’ll need to take a photograph of the Wandering Arch with your scout. This will hold it in place. You can now walk around, up the stairs and down the hole at the base of the Arch.

Wandering Arch Puzzle 3

This one is a little trickier, as it involves getting the gravity crystal, and the arch into the same spot. Start by taking a photograph of the crystal. Then, look around until the arch appears above it. Take a photo of them both and you’ll be able to climb up.

Wandering Arch Puzzle 4

Finally, you’ll need to scale a large wall using gravity crystals. Look around until one of the walls has the grav crystal configuration shown in the image above. Take a picture. Now walk up to the highest grav crystal. Delete the image, and keep the crystal you’re on in your eye-line. Look around until a crystal appears above you. Take a photo and climb up. If the Wandering Arch is not there, simply look around until it appears next to you.

Outer Wilds: Tower of Quantum Trials Reward

For clearing the Tower of Quantum Trials, you’ll learn a very important rule. This is the one you used to clear the Wandering Arch puzzles. Basically, if you are looking at an image of a Quantum object, it’s treated the same as if you’re looking at it with your eyes. This will become very important later.

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