Outer Wilds Sun Station - How to Reach the Sun Station

Outer Wilds Sun Station - How to Reach the Sun Station

The Sun Station is very difficult to get to, given that it orbits extremely close to the sun. Here’s a safe way to reach it.

In Outer Wilds, the Sun Station was constructed to trigger a supernova. You’ll need to go there to learn some key story info, though getting there isn’t as simple as flying your ship towards it. The Sun Station orbits extremely close to the Sun, and while it is possible to land on it, or near enough, it is very difficult indeed. Luckily, the Nomai built a portal to access the Sun Station easily. In this Outer Wilds Sun Station Guide, we’ll take a look at how to get to the Sun Station in Outer Wilds. We’ll look at the Sun Tower on Ash Twin, and some of the info you’ll learn by getting there.

Outer Wilds Sun Station

If you’re looking to get to the Sun Station in Outer Wilds, you’ll need to head to Ash Twin. Once there, land on one of the planet’s poles and step outside.

If you wait for some of the ash to be pulled from the planet, you’ll spot the Sun Tower shown in the image above. Your goal is to get inside, and while the main door is sealed, there’s an entrance around the back.

In the image shown above, you’ll see the back entrance to the Sun Tower. You’ll want to enter as soon as you can, as the falling sand will help you get past the spiky plants in this area. Head through the corridor, and up the grav lift.

Once you’re up the grav lift, you’ll get to the warp portal. It’s a blue crystal on the floor. Stand on it, and look up through the window.

Once the Sun Station passes overhead, you will warp to it. There are gravity floors to walk on, and a door to open.

Unfortunately, the bridge is out, so you will have to float to the other side. Easy enough. Once there, you are inside the Sun Station, and can start learning all about it.

Outer Wilds Sun Station Explained

The Nomai built the Sun Station to trigger a supernova. This was to generate enough energy to launch the Orbital Probe. Using the time loop, they could launch this over and over, and the Nomai statues would beam the findings to them at the start of each loop. Once you arrive at the Sun Station however, you learn that it was unsuccessful in blowing up the sun. This leads the Nomai to their High Energy lab experiments and the Ash Twin Project.

Outer Wilds Hotshot Achievement

Now, while we said that landing on the Sun Station is extremely dangerous, it is still possible. In fact, you’ll get the Hotshot Achievement for doing so. We found the best way to be flying into the Sun Station and ejecting using the button on the right of the main console. It is not recommended that you use autopilot here, given how fast the Sun Station Orbits the Sun.

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