Outer Wilds Tower of Quantum Knowledge - How to Access the Tower

Outer Wilds Tower of Quantum Knowledge - How to Access the Tower

The Tower of Quantum Knowledge teaches you some extremely valuable information about the Quantum objects in Outer Wilds. Here’s how to get in.

Brittle Hollow is one of the largest worlds you’ll encounter in Outer Wilds. It’s a hulking, collapsing planet built around a monstrous black hole, and there’s a whole host of storylines to explore. The Tower of Quantum Knowledge is located on the planet’s equator, and will need to be accessed if you want to learn a key hint as to how to get to the Quantum Moon. In this Outer Wilds Tower of Quantum Knowledge Guide, we’ll tell you how to get into the Tower of Quantum Knowledge, and what’s inside.

Outer Wilds: How to Get into the Tower of Quantum Knowledge

The Tower of Quantum Knowledge is sealed off when you arrive at Brittle Hollow, making it impossible to access from the planet. Instead, you’ll need to follow these steps to get inside. Here’s how to access the Tower of Quantum Knowledge:

  • Land on the roof of the tower.
  • Fire a scout onto the surface of Brittle Hollow to monitor the surface integrity.
  • As Hollow's Lantern gets more and more violent, the surface will crumble, and the entire tower, and you along with it will fall into the black hole below.
  • Make sure you are in your ship when this happens. At the White Hole side, fly into the Tower.

Outer Wilds: What’s Inside the Tower of Quantum Knowledge?

The reason you’ll need to get into the Tower of Quantum Knowledge is to learn key info regarding the Quantum Moon and Wandering Eye. You’ll learn that the pilgrimage to the Quantum Moon was a deeply significant journey for the Nomai. You’ll also learn a rule: ‘To explore the sixth location, the shrine must be on the moon’s north pole’.

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