Outer Wilds Vessel - Where to Find the Vessel, Vessel Puzzle Solution

Outer Wilds Vessel - Where to Find the Vessel, Vessel Puzzle Solution

The Vessel is the key to reaching the Eye of the Universe. Here’s how to find it.

The main goal in Outer Wilds is to get to the Eye of the Universe. To get there, you’ll need to locate the vessel, which is buried deep within the tangled mess that is Dark Bramble. To help you get to the Vessel in Outer Wilds, we’ve put together this Outer Wilds Vessel Guide. We’ll take a look at where to find the Vessel in Outer Wilds. Once you’re there, there’s a puzzle to solve, so we’ll give you the Outer Wilds Vessel Puzzle Solution. Then, we’ll move onto the Warp Core, and how it allows you to get to the Eye of the Universe.

How to Get to the Vessel in Outer Wilds

If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that the Vessel can be found somewhere on Dark Bramble. In fact, one of the Nomai escape pods landed there, and set out looking for the Vessel. To begin your search, head to Dark Bramble and follow the Distress Frequency on your Signalscope.

Eventually, you will arrive at the Escape Pod. Make sure you drift carefully in these areas, as there are Angler Fish around. Read the notes in the Escape Pod, and head out following the trail of lights set by the Nomai.

Eventually, you will find the Nomai dead, though their notes will point you towards the Vessel. Fire your Scout into the bramble ahead to reveal the Vessel’s location. Continue forward and into the orange-glowing bramble.

Be extremely careful here, and do not use your rockets. You will drift past the Angler Fish, and if you are silent, they will not hear you. Once they are out of sight, you can start to use minimum thrust to head towards the Scout signal. Head through the bramble at the end of the trail.

On the other side, you’ll come across the vessel, and you’ll be able to access it by heading to the crack next to your Scout. Leave your ship, and head inside.

Outer Wilds Vessel Puzzle Solution

Inside the Vessel, you will find the means to warp to the Eye of the Universe. Upon closer inspection though, you will find that the Warp Core is kaputt, though you can still solve the puzzle and learn vital info here.

Pull the ball over to the puzzle tower. You’ll then need to input the three coordinates you found inside the Probe Tracking Module on Giants Deep. We’ve included the solutions on this page.

If you happen to input a coordinate incorrectly, roll the ball back down and to the left. This will erase the shape. After inputting a shape correctly, roll the ball down and to the right. You can match the velocity of the puzzle to make this easier.

Once all three are in, you’re ready to go to the Eye of the Universe. You’ll need to reset the timer and head to the Ash Twin Core first, to get ahold of a Warp Core. You can find out how to do so in our Outer Wilds Ash Twin Core Guide.

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