Outer Wilds Walkthrough

Outer Wilds Walkthrough

You’re pretty much left to your own devices in Outer Wilds. Here’s a recommended path.

Outer Wilds is very much an adventure game. It basically sets you off into space without any real direction. This is of course one of the great things about the game, though if you’d rather a bit more direction it can be a little frustrating. To help you out, we’ve put together this Outer Wilds Walkthrough. We’ll take a look at what to do first, and where you should head after that. We’ll provide a recommended path, which you can use to gather the key info for getting to the end of the game. We’ll also look at the Quantum Rules, and where to find each adventurer.

Outer Wilds Walkthrough

While Outer Wilds can technically be played in any order you want, there are certain things that are good to learn before visiting certain areas. Below, you’ll find a recommended world order, with the key info you need to learn alongside each one. Feel free to deviate from the list if you wish, as exploring and failing is a huge part of Outer Wilds.

  • Timber Hearth (Launch Codes, Tutorials)
  • Attlerock (Practice Landing)
  • Interloper (Learn about planet phases, discover the Nomai)
  • Brittle Hollow (Access the Tower of Quantum Knowledge, learn of the sixth location)
  • Hanging City (Black Hole Forge)
  • Giants Deep (North Pole Quantum Trials, learn Rule 1)
  • Ember Twin (Sunless City, Learn Rule 2, Angler Fish Fossil)
  • Ash Twin (Sun Station)
  • Dark Bramble (Feldspar, Jellyfish clue)
  • Brittle Hollow Observatory (learn tornadoes clue)
  • Giants Deep (head to core, Orbital Probe)
  • Learn Eye coordinates from probe
  • Ember Twin (High Energy Station)
  • Quantum Moon (find sixth location)
  • Ash Twin Core (Warp Core)
  • Vessel
  • Eye of the Universe

Outer Wilds Adventurers Locations

There’s a handful of adventures to find in Outer Wilds. Tracking them down is a good way to explore each world, and you’ll be rewarded at the end of the game for finding them all. Here’s where to find each one.

  • Riebeck - Brittle Hollow
  • Feldspar - Dark Bramble
  • Chert - Ember Twin
  • Gabbro - Giants Deep
  • Esker - Attlerock
  • Solanum - Quantum Moon

Outer Wiles Quantum Rules

There are three rules you’ll need to learn in Outer Wilds in order to reach the Quantum Moon. They can be found at the Tower of Quantum Knowledge, Observatory and Tower of Quantum Trials. They are as follows:

  • Observing an image of a Quantum Object and observing the object itself are the same thing.
  • If in contact with a Quantum Object, in total darkness, you will travel with the object as it moves through space.
  • The Sixth Location can only be reached if the Quantum Tower is at the North Pole of the planet it is on.

Outer Wilds: How to Beat the Game

Your goal in Outer Wilds is to find out what happened to the Nomai, and solve the mystery of the time loop. You’ll be working out how to reach the Eye of the Universe, and once you reach it, you’ll finish the game. On top of that, you’ll want to visit the Quantum Moon, and also check out all of the logs in the Ash Twin Core. To get to the Eye, you will need to take a Warp Core found at the ash Twin Core to the Vessel in Dark Bramble. Inputting the coordinates found at the Probe Tracking Module will take you to the Eye.

How Long is Outer Wilds

Technically, you can beat Outer Wilds in around 20 minutes, though that would be extremely lucky of you to do without learning any of the Quantum rules. Playing via the path outlined above, we estimate that Outer Wilds will take you anywhere between 20 and 30 hours to complete. This is dependent on how quickly you solve puzzles, and how often you die.

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