Outer Wilds Will Launch As Timed Epic Exclusive, And Backers Don't Seem Happy

Outer Wilds Will Launch As Timed Epic Exclusive, And Backers Don't Seem Happy

The Fig-funded space exploration sim won't be coming to Steam right away.

Outer Wilds, a space exploration game that helped launch crowdfunding platform Fig in 2015, is the latest timed exclusive for the Epic Games Store. Developer Mobius Digital announced in a blog update last Friday that Outer Wilds will come to Xbox One and the Epic launcher, with “additional platforms coming later.”

Focused on exploring the cosmos in a "wild, constantly changing" galaxy, Outer Wilds hit its original funding goal of $125,000 in September 2015. In the years since, Mobius Digital has entered partnerships with Annapurna Interactive and Xbox, for a promised day-one launch on the Xbox Game Pass.

In the blog post detailing the new exclusivity, Mobius Digital says these partnerships "keep our small studio running long enough to ship the game at the level of quality that it is today."

Backers of the original campaign seem unhappy though, as the original Fig pitch still preserved on the game’s landing page specifically references the Steam platform for PC backers. Threads have popped up on the The Outer Wild's subreddit and other forums, angry over the perceived bait-and-switch, when comment from as recent as March implied Steam keys would be delivered.

Most notably disappointed are Linux users, who backed a platform not currently supported by the Epic launcher. "Now I'm just sad," wrote one Reddit user. "I payed [sic] into the promise of Outer Wilds as a professionally developed video game only to have it yanked away and put on some stupid platform that won't even support my operating system. I really wish this hadn't happened."

We've reached out to Mobius Digital and Epic for comment, but have yet to hear back.

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