It's Quite Easy to Unlock Ana's Bastet Skin in Overwatch

Win some games, earn a skin.

Overwatch is giving players a chance to earn Ana's new "Bastet" outfit with Ana's Bastet Challenge which begins today, January 8, and lasts until January 21.

Overwatch is adopting a "play to earn" model for Ana's Bastet skin. Instead of trying to win the skin in a loot box, players just need to win Overwatch games in either Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade. Three wins will get you a new Player Icon, six wins will unlock a new Victory Pose for Ana, and nine wins nets the Bastet Ana Skin.

There are additional Bastet-themed cosmetic items that players can earn by watching Overwatch streams on Twitch. Dubbed "watch to earn," players can link their Twitch account to their Blizzard profiles and earn special sprays by watching sponsored Overwatch streams. Until January 21, players who want sprays from "Bastet" can tune into participating broadcasters to earn Twitch Drops. Watch a stream for two hours to unlock the first tier of sprays, four hours for the next tier, and six hours for the final tier.

All the cosmetics in Ana's Bastet Challenge are from the new "Bastet" short story written by Overwatch narrative designer Michael Chu. The story focuses on a reunion between Ana and Soldier: 76 as they reminisce about the old days, as well as past loves.

For more info check out our Overwatch guide for tips, tricks, and more.

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