Overwatch Anniversary Event Drops A Ton of Legendary Skins

But also everyone has a dance emote.

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The Overwatch Anniversary Event is live now and Blizzard finally revealed the details surrounding their mysterious, big event. While plenty of players were expecting a good haul for Overwatch's first birthday, the full reveal includes the largest release of Overwatch Legendary Skins, new dance emotes for each character, and three new Arena maps for 3v3 play.

Overwatch Anniversary Event

Blizzard already teased a few of the legendary skins on Twitter for Soldier: 76, Zarya, Pharah, and Bastion, but seven more heroes will receive Legendary skins including: Cruiser D.Va, Graffiti Tracer, Cyberninja Hanzo, Beekeeper Mei, Sentai Genji, Oasis Symmetra, and Jazz Lucio. If there's any theme connecting some of the outfits, it's probably a Power Rangers motif given that Soldier: 76, Hanzo, Genji, and Zarya all look perfectly at home as the heroes (and villains) of a Saturday morning Sentai show.

Bedouin skin Overwatch
Jazzy skin overwatch
Oasis skin overwatch
Dune buggy skin overwatch
Cyberian skin overwatch
Sentai skin overwatch
Beekeeper Skin Overwatch
Cyberninja skin overwatch
Graffiti skin overwatch
Cyborg 76 skin Overwatch
Cruiser Skin Overwatch

In addition, every Overwatch hero will be receiving a dance emote which perfectly suits their characters. Everything from Tracer doing the Charleston, Mercy's hustle, McCree line dancing, Soldier: 76 doing the most awkward dad dance, and Reinhardt waltzing. My personal favorite is Reaper just tapping his foot while sulking in the corner, which is all kinds of perfect.

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As part of the Overwatch Anniversary Event, Blizzard also released three new Arena maps, smaller versions of regular maps designed for 3v3 elimination matches like in the Ecopoint: Antarctica map. These new maps include the Necropolis in Egypt where Ana set up her hideout, the old fort town of Castillo, Mexico where Sombra keeps a base, and the Black Forest outside of Eichenwald, complete with rusted Bastion corpses.

There's also a bunch of Loot Blizzard didn't reveal in their blog post like 24 new voice lines, 25 new sprays, and 25 new player icons. To be fair though, the skins and the emotes are probably what the people (i.e. me) most want.

The event runs from today, May 23, all the way to June 12 so there will be plenty of time to pick up a game or two and hopefully earn your wanted loot.

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