Overwatch Announces Baptiste, the Ex-Talon Combat Medic

Baptiste will either hurt you or help you, but not both.

Blizzard just announced Baptiste as its newest Overwatch hero. A new combat medic support character, Jean-Baptiste Augustin will be "coming soon" according to the reveal trailer Overwatch just published.

Baptiste is a former soldier whose life was destroyed during the Omnic Wars. After the war he would join the villainous organization Talon. This is the same organization that Reaper, Doomfist, and all the other baddies in Overwatch are a part of. However, he eventually came to realize that the side he was fighting for didn't have his, or the world's, best interest at heart. And so he left Talon to hunt for a better world himself.

His skills seem to combine some combination of combat, support, and gadgets. We don't know what his abilities are looking like with just the brief origins trailer, but we'll probably find out soon. Overwatch briefly teased the new incoming new hero with some cryptic messages, but this is our best look at Baptiste yet. No word yet on when Baptiste is coming out, but he will likely hit Overwatch's PTR first for testing, before entering live servers officially.

The last Overwatch hero Blizzard introduced was Ashe during BlizzCon, and Brigitte before her. Activision Blizzard announced in a recent earnings call that it is looking to stabilize Overwatch in 2019, and will not release any major titles in 2019. So we can probably expect even more updates for Overwatch in the future to beef up the content offering.

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