Overwatch Art Book and Comics Anthology Available for Pre-Order

Overwatch Art Book and Comics Anthology Available for Pre-Order

Relish in the art of Blizzard's almost-one-year-old shooter.

Come October 24th, a nifty 368-page artbook dedicated to all things Overwatch will be released. As spotted by the always eagle-eyed Wario64 on Twitter, the lengthy artbook is now up for preorder on Amazon in two editions.

The standard edition is availablefor $49.99, and a deluxe edition with a clamshell box featuring Tracer on the cover and “three prints chosen by the Overwatch team” is available for $100. This is all seemingly a part of the upcoming anniversary celebration for Overwatch, as the multiplayer team-based shooter approaches its one-year anniversary on May 24th.

In addition to the art book, Blizzard is also releasing Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1 for $19.99 on October 10th, an accumulation of the dozen webcomics that Blizzard has released over the past year. These issues are all available on Blizzard’s website otherwise, but in case you want a hard copy to hold in your bare hands, then the anthology has you covered.

The art books and comic anthology will be published by Dark Horse Books, who have previously teamed up to help bring webcomics to the world of Overwatch, and World of Warcraft to the print world. With the anniversary approaching next week, it’s looking like players will be (unsurprisingly) treated to a special anniversary event. Will it contain another clever PvE mode? Maybe finally new legendary skins for Symmetra? I suppose we’ll find out next week, maybe.

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