Overwatch Fan's Church of Hanzo is Actually Protest Art

It's about the government, man.

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Admittedly this story is actually about the state of religious institutions in Brazil than it is about Hanzo, the Overwatch archer. Still, if there's a church out in the world that considers the insult, "Hanzo Main" as a sin, then the Church of Hanzo has got you covered.

Our savior Hanzo

Overwatch player Mateus Mognon set up the Church of Hanzo as more of a bureacratic experiment, trying to demonstrate how easy it is to set up a church in Brazil, and with it, all the government benefits of running a religious institution. All it took Mognon to set up the Church of Hanzo was a physical address for the place of worship, a lawyer's signature, five additional signatures, and however much the fee is to set up a church is in Brazil. That doesn't mean Mognon didn't put some thought into his new religion.

In the Church of Hanzo, Tuesdays are religious days dedicated to playing Overwatch, and baptisms involve playing a single game of Overwatch. If you can't afford a copy of Overwatch you can play a game of Paladins for similar effect. Oh, and the phrase "Hanzo Main" is a sin so don't say it in the Church of Hanzo's hallowed halls.

Trump mains Hanzo

In a bit of apocryphal meta reading, it's interesting to see Hanzo as the redemptive figure at the center of this church. Hanzo's had a bit of a bad rep (what Overwatch character hasn't?), but when you say that President Trump is a Hanzo main, you know you've got a bad rep. Mognon apparently chose Hanzo because he looks like Jesus (I feel like McCree could have also sufficed), but maybe through the church, Hanzo mains can once again be redeemed.

Again though, the whole thing is actually about the loopholes that allow religious institutions in Brazil undermine the bureaucratic system and gain financial exemption. But we're a video game website so it's now mostly about Overwatch.

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