Actually, Overwatch Would Make For a Rad Fighting Game

What would the meta look like for this?

News by Matt Kim, .

Overwatch as a game supports different game modes, usually tied to seasonal events like the Summer Games and Lunar New Year. But cold Overwatch work as a pure, 1v1 fighting game? Well, actually yeah.

The YouTube channel TGN, which publishes a whole library of videos based on Overwatch theories, lore, and tips, released a video that asked, "If Overwatch Was a Fighting Game." The results make a pretty compelling case that Overwatch's cast of heroes could do well in a fighting game setting.

The video pitches a fictional fighting game with characters like Reinhardt, Zarya, Doomfist, Genji, and more demoing the concept. The heroes' moves are translated onto a 2.5D plane, with each characters showcasing a special move based on one of their signature attacks. For example, Reinhardt's charge attack is seen in the clip above as a special combo.

There's even a cheeky bonus game where Doomfist is trying to breakdown Roadhog's motorcycle a la the mini game from Street Fighter.

As mentioned previously, Overwatch does support unique game modes like soccer and capture the flag. While some of the special modes are based around the core gameplay of Overwatch, things like the Summer Game soccer modes are almost based from other games (like Rocket League). But a fighting game mode directly from Blizzard is probably not in the cards.

But for you modders out there, there's now a pretty good proof-of-concept out there on the internet for you to maybe pursue the idea further.

Speaking of Overwatch, the game is currently 50 percent off for Lunar New Year's meaning you can pick up a digital copy of Overwatch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for half-off. No fighting game mode though.

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