Overwatch Is Getting a New Blizzard-Themed Map, Plus a New Support Hero

Overwatch Is Getting a New Blizzard-Themed Map, Plus a New Support Hero

Overwatch news galore at BlizzCon 2017.

It's BlizzCon 2017 time, and with it, a host of Overwatch announcements even before its big panel later today. At last year's BlizzCon, fans got a tease of the hero Sombra for the first time, along with a cinematic marking her entrance. This year, fans got so much more.

First up is news of a new Overwatch map, fresh off of the addition of Junkertown just a few months ago. The new map is an almost-expected one: Blizzardworld, a marriage of many Blizzard properties in one single part-assault, part-payload map. The map mobilizes a fictional themepark for players to bounce around in, featuring Blizzard games like World of Warcraft and StarCraft. The map will hit PTR soon, according to Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, and is aiming for full release early 2018.

The second announcement was one fans were ready for, given Sombra's reveal last year. Overwatch unveiled the next hero joining the roster: Moira, a villainous character aligned with the evil organization Talon, where Widowmaker and others lie. Moira was also a part of Reyes (better known as Reaper)'s Blackwatch too. Moira's a support-healer, the first of the villain-inclined to join the ranks. Given that the last support-healer to join Overwatch was Ana, Moira will no doubt be a welcome asset with her almost Reaper-like shadow abilities.

To conclude Moira's details, who will also be available for testing on the PTR soon, Kaplan assured the way to spell her name is "'OPAF'." Sounds like Mercy re-work 2.0.

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