Overwatch Fans are Going Nuts for a Romantic New Paris Map That's Live on PTR

Overwatch Fans are Going Nuts for a Romantic New Paris Map That's Live on PTR

The city of lights and love.

Blizzard just unveiled a new Paris map for Overwatch, and it's available on the public test servers. You can play through the City of Lights on PC right now on the Overwatch PTR, with a full rollout planned for both consoles and PC.

Paris is a new Assault map with recognizable landmarks from the European capital. Blizzard is promising narrow streets and corridors that open up to the famous Seine river, Cabaret Luna, and Pâtisserie Galand. At the heart of the city is the Maison Marat, a grand palace in the midst of a fancy gala.

Paris is the first new Assault map since the Horizon Lunar Colony map was released in June 2017. Blizzard promoted this new locale with a series of Parisian-style posters. One poster in particular shows an Omnic wooing a local Parisian woman, which has inflamed the passions of fans who are really into Overwatch's robotic race of characters.

Romance is in the circuits. | Blizzard Entertainment

There's no word yet on when Paris will be released to public PC servers and consoles. Testing is usually required to ensure the map's stability and playability before PTR content gets released to the public. The whole process usually takes a couple weeks, so expect the map sometime in February—perfect timing for Valentine's Day.

Overwatch is currently hosting its Lunar New Year seasonal event. For new skins, event details, and dates, check out our Overwatch Lunar New Year guide.

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