Overwatch Releases Mei's Animated Short, Get the Tissues Ready


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I'm not crying, you're crying.

Blizzard put out a new Overwatch animated short today at Gamescom centered around everyone's favorite frozen environmental scientist, Mei. The short is, well it's a little bit on the emotional side I suppose.

The video shows us Mei's early days in the Arctic just before she and her fellow researchers go into cryo-sleep. Unfortunately, things go horribly wrong, and Mei finds herself alone on her Arctic outpost nine years after first going into cryo-sleep. The problem of course being that during her sleep, Overwatch disbanded and nobody bothered to check if Overwatch's Arctic outpost was even staffed.

The dark moments luckily take a turn for the better as Mei learns to overcome the harsh Arctic and find the strength to rejoin her friends in Overwatch. It's a really beautiful short and further proof that Overwatch's multimedia bonafides. Aside from the gorgeous animation work that continues to blow me away, it just further illustrates that with Overwatch's cast, Blizzard found characters that don't just resonate aesthetically, but work within some ambitious storytelling framework.

The Mei animated short is the second recently released short following a Junkrat and Roadhog animated video, which followed the announcement of a new map. Unlike the Mei short, the Junkrat/Roadhog video is much shorter and decidedly comedic, even throwing in a neat little reference to the anime, Cowboy Bebop. However, it's shorts like Mei's, which succeed in resonating emotionally, that reminds me why Blizzard's Overwatch animated shorts are such events in the community.

Now when do we get that D.Va animated short?

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