Overwatch Reveals Its 29th Hero, An Outlaw Named Ashe


Overwatch has its 29th hero. Another rootin', tootin' cowboy like McCree, set for the Damage class too. But she looks a lot cooler than ol' McCree. She has white hair, a bigger gun, and a big robot buddy at her beck and call.

The new hero was revealed today during BlizzCon 2018's Opening Ceremony, appearing in the new animated short set in the Route 66 map called "Reunion." In "Reunion," McCree witnesses how the train got blown to bits, only to find the Deadlock Gang, which he is alluded to have once run with, robbing the train after exploding its tracks. A gun fight breaks out, McCree ties up the sassy Ashe and her omnic pals on a payload, and revives a long lost friend: Echo, a mysterious robot.

During the Opening Ceremony, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan teased fans about the many new characters in the animated short. Pausing on Echo, he noted that while she is a potential new hero, she "needs more time." He then directed his focus to Ashe, before cutting to a gameplay trailer of Ashe in action. She has dynamite as an ability, seems more nimble than her outlaw counterpart McCree, and her Ultimate summons her omnic buddy B.O.B., a buff robot who wears a tiny hat, to join the battle.

Stay tuned to USG all weekend long as we cover all of BlizzCon 2018's news. During the Overwatch: What's Next panel at 1:30pm PT today, developers on Overwatch will go into greater detail about Ashe and her abilities. Maybe we'll even get a glimpse of hers (and B.O.B.'s, by extension) skins.

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