Overwatch Second Anniversary Event Starts This Month, Re-releases All the Past Seasonal Cosmetics

Blizzard is celebrating year two in a big way.

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Overwatch turns two years old this month, and to celebrate Blizzard is kicking off an Overwatch Anniversary event with over 50 new cosmetic items and a new map. Also, if you missed on any seasonal cosmetic, those are all coming back also. The event kicks off on May 22.

As part of the celebration for Overwatch's second anniversary, Blizzard is releasing over 50 new cosmetics, including eight legendary skins and three new epic skins. New dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte, the three most recent characters, are also in the cards.

However, in good news for collectors, the previous seasonal cosmetic items will come back as well along with past seasonal brawls to the Arcade mode. They'll be rotated daily so check regularly.

There will also be a new Deathmatch map called Petra which will have a "Competitive Mode," for rank placements, skill rating tiers, and leaderboards.

Players who login for the event will receive a bonus Legendary Anniversary Loot Box with a guaranteed Legendary item. If you buy the 50 Loot Box Bundle, you'll get a bonus Legendary Anniversary Loot Box. Just remember that all previous seasonal event loot will be added to loot boxes during this event.

To get players who've missed out on Overwatch for the past two years into the game, Blizzard is offering a free weekend from May 25 to May 29. Previous free weekends let players carry over their progress and loot if they decide to purchase the game afterwards. Also, a new Overwatch Legendary Edition will be released digitally on May 22 that includes several Legendary, Epic, and Origin skins for a total of 15 skins.

You might recall that Overatch held a similar anniversary event last year. But with another year of content, this year's celebrations are even bigger.

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The Overwatch Anniversary event will run from May 22 to June 11.

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    And the good thing about bringing all the previous bits of loot back is that it makes it even less likely that you'll get what you want in any given loot box. Yay!

    I wonder if they'll ever move to just letting you buy what you want, like Street Fighter et al, given recent events in Europe.
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