Overwatch Shows Off a Bunch of New Anniversary Loot

Sombra's got some dance moves.

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The Overwatch Anniversary Event is less than a week away and Blizzard has been teasing all the new loot players can win at a steady drip. Alongside the three new "Arena" maps Blizzard tweeted out yesterday, the company's many regional Twitter accounts have put out videos showing new skins, voice lines, and dance emotes.

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Three different official Overwatch accounts posted videos showing off some of the different loot Blizzard will be releasing to celebrate Overwatch's one-year anniversary. Overwatch Latin America tweeted some dance emotes for characters like Sombra, Lucio, Symmetra, and Zenyatta, which I have to say, these characters have moves.

Next, the North American Overwatch Twitter account posted a few clips of the new voice lines from Reinhardt, McCree, Symmetra, Road Hog, Winston, Lucio, and one one where Soldier 76 reminds players that he's not our dad. Whatever you say dad.

Lastly, the Korean Overwatch account posted a short video showing off some of the new skins, including a Bastion skin that kind of looks like an orange walker from Alien, an Egyptian steampunk looking armor for Pharah, an android Soldier 76 skin, and something that can only be described as, "if Zarya were a power ranger."

Overwatch's anniversary event will kick-off May 23rd with a bevy of unannounced goodies to mark the occassion. In addition, Blizzard will be releasing a re-release of the game with the Overwatch: Game of the Year edition, which will include a bunch of digital bonuses like skins for Overwatch, loot boxes, and additional prizes for other Blizzard titles like StarCraft II, World of WarCraft, and Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard is also planning a free weekend from May 26-29 so players on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC can download the game and play for free for a limited time. Just in case you're finally willing to jump on the Overwatch bandwagon.

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