Overwatch: Storm Rising Event Teases a New Location and Character

Overwatch: Storm Rising Event Teases a New Location and Character

Who is Sojourn?

It's time for another annual Overwatch event, this time something Archives-related based on the flurry of teases from Overwatch's social media accounts. Titled "Storm Rising," the newest teasers suggest a Havana location for the event and possible a new character named Sojourn.

Blizzard first published an article from the fictional Havana Sun on its website written completely in Spanish. It discuses the Don Rumbotico distillery that was nearly bought out by a mysterious organization that sounds a lot like Talon. Now, a new tweet has introduced the set-up for Overwatch's next limited-time event.

The video embedded in the Overwatch tweet shows a pre-Soldier: 76 Commander Morrison's communication with a mysterious person named Sojourn, who appears to be a leader in Overwatch. She says she has a plan to go after Doomfist's accountant Maximilien, and she's sending Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Genji after him.

Storm Rising is scheduled for April 16 to May 6, and as per Overwatch tradition, we'll likely get more teasers until its full reveal. Overwatch's Archives events usually introduce a limited-time PvE mode featuring younger versions of the heroes and villains, of back when Overwatch was still a thriving organization.

We don't know much about Sojourn at this point other than that she's another new name cannonballed into Overwatch's lore. Whether she'll become a proper new character in the future, or another loose story thread remains to be seen. But considering Baptiste was just released, it might be some time before we get another new character.

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