Overwatch Teases Three New "Arena" Maps for the Anniversary Event

Three new maps that will expand existing Overwatch levels.

News by Matt Kim, .

This morning, Blizzard teased three new Arena maps coming to Overwatch for next week's anniversary event via a short Twitter video.

While each new map only gets a few seconds of screentime, the three maps look to be variants of existing maps such as Dorado, the small town with a room full of Sombra-branded technology; a rainy forest full of dilapidated buildings and rusted cars that looks to be part of Eichenwald; and somewhere that appears to be in Egypt, judging by the structures.

The whole video is pretty short, with the official OverwatchEU Twitter account only posting 30 seconds of footage. We'll definitely find out more about each of these maps next week when the anniversary event launches.

These three maps will be a part of Overwatch's Anniversary Event, confirmed by Blizzard to start next week on May 23rd. In addition to the event Blizzard will re-release an Overwatch: Game of the Year edition, followed by a free trial weekend that will run from May 26-29 where players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC can download and play the game for free.

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