Blizzard Shares First Look at Upcoming Overwatch Lego Sets

Blizzard Shares First Look at Upcoming Overwatch Lego Sets

Soon you can build your own payload, probably.

The cavalry's come to Legos, apparently, with a new Overwatch Lego set announced today. This news isn't entirely a surprise though, as back in May Lego announced plans for "multiple Overwatch building sets across various price points." One of the sets, judging from today's teaser, will at least include bubbly Overwatch mascot Tracer.

The news was teased in a video featuring Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan in the familiar Developer Update setting we've seen throughout Overwatch's lifespan. Only there's a little shocker, as we see Kaplan building a Lego figure who turns out to be an itty bitty Tracer. Tracer then zips around, saying her usual catchphrase. On Lego's website, a teaser section for Overwatch hints at Winston too with a batch of Lego bananas and the quote, "imagination is the essence of discovery."

As for the "multiple sets," we'll have to wait for more details about the Blizzard and Lego collaboration. Personally, I think it'd be neat to see the maps of Route 66 and Hanamura get Lego sets. I imagine we can expect a D.Va set too. The full extent of Overwatch's Lego sets remains a mystery, but I imagine there will no doubt be some snubs, but probably a payload to push along at some capacity.

Overwatch's next big event, the return of Halloween Terror, is also just around the corner. Check out our Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 guide for more information.

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