Overwatch's Hammond Dying is the Saddest Gaming Moment of 2018

Overwatch's Hammond Dying is the Saddest Gaming Moment of 2018

See what happens when Overwatch's new Wrecking Ball Hero falls to his death.

Overwatch added a new Hero in the form of Hammond the hamster yesterday. Cute, right? Not so cute when you see what happens when his Wrecking Ball mech suit dies.

To say that no one saw Hammond the hamster coming would be an understatement. Jeff Kaplan and co. have clearly gone mad with power, although the furry gambit appears to have paid off for the moment at least, since Hammond was all that gaming Twitter was talking about yesterday.

Players have been experimenting with Overwatch's new Wrecking Ball Hero in droves since it launched on the PTR last night. The 'Wrecking Ball' is the name of the mech suit, while Hammond is the name of the character piloting the mech suit. When the mech suit sustains too much damage and dies, this is what happens to Hammond:

All credit to Reddit for this horrific moment.

Not a nice fate for our new furry friend. Please stop killing Hammond, you absolute monsters.

We haven't updated our best Overwatch skins page with Hammond's new outfits, but we'll be sure to add them in once the new Wrecking Ball Hero goes live in the full game.

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