Overwatch's New Hero Baptiste Is Coming to All Platforms Next Week

Overwatch's New Hero Baptiste Is Coming to All Platforms Next Week

The new support hero is leaving the PTR.

Baptiste has been bouncing around the Overwatch PTR since late February, where the new support character was introduced with an origins video and a developer update introduction. Next week, Baptiste will be making his way beyond the test realm.

On March 19, Baptiste will be playable on Overwatch's main servers across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. He's spent only a couple weeks in PTR, but it's a standard amount for new heroes making their way into the Overwatch roster.

Baptiste is the sort of support that can hold his own in battle. He also feels incredibly different, especially when compared to some other heroes that feel more like a jumble of others' abilities. He has the controversial Immortality Field ability that grants immortality to the nearby team, which some players in the early PTR were throwing under moving payloads, making it hard to destroy. His ultimate ability is the Amplification Matrix, which is a big wall that doubles the damage of any projectiles or healing effects that pass through it.

In a recent Q&A, Blizzard employees filled in questions about Baptiste's background, from what other languages he's fluent in (Haitian Creole and French) to why he joined Talon and what made him leave the villainous organization. As the first support character added since Brigitte last year, Baptiste will likely be a popular character to play as for some time.

For more on Overwatch, be sure to check out our extensive Overwatch hero and event guides. As for what's next in Overwatch besides Baptiste, the next event is expected to be another lore-focused Archives event.

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