Overwatch's New Hero is Live on PTR Now, Baptiste's Abilities, Ultimate Explained

Baptiste is a go on the Overwatch PTR.

A day after Blizzard announced its newest Overwatch character Baptiste, the 30th hero is now live on Overwatch's PTR. Blizzard also revealed Baptiste's moveset, which looks to be primarily healing-based, with a damage boost ultimate.

Baptiste is the 30th hero to join the Overwatch roster and is described as a "combat medic." As such, he has support abilities, with a little tanking mixed in for good measure. These are his abilities which you can try out in the Overwatch PTR on PC right now.

  • Medic SMG (primary fire): A three-round-burst SMG with heavy damage and rewards accuracy.
  • Biotic Launcher (secondary fire): The alternate fire for Baptiste's SMG lobs a projectile that heals allies around the impact area.
  • Regenerative Burst: An area ability that heals himself and nearby enemies over time.
  • Immortality Field: A device that creates a field that prevents allies from dying. It looks like they'll still take hits, however. The generator for the field can also be destroyed.
  • Exo Boots (Passive): After crouching, Baptiste can jump higher.
  • Amplification Matrix (Ultimate): A matrix that doubles damage and healing effect of projectiles that pass through it.

Baptiste is an ex-Talon operative from former Haiti (now Tortuga). Orphaned during the Omnic Crisis, he joined the Caribbean Coalition to fight off the Omnics. After his tour he was recruited by Talon but discovered that their goals were not as noble as his. He defected and became a wanted target for Talon.

Like previous new Overwatch heroes, Baptiste is available on Overwatch's test servers first. He will likely stay there for a few weeks before joining the rest of the roster in the live servers. It will also be some time before Baptiste makes an appearance in the Overwatch League, so we'll have to wait a while to see how he stacks up in the competitive meta.

Check out our Overwatch guide for more info, including character guides and event guides.

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