Overwatch's New Hero Moira Is Live on Servers Now

Overwatch's New Hero Moira Is Live on Servers Now

Gets me to the payload on time.

Weeks ago at BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard announced a bunch of new stuff coming to Overwatch. A new Blizzard-themed map. New skins that weren't tied to events. But best of all, they unveiled the next hero joining the game's ever-expanding roster. While Moira, the new hero, was playable at BlizzCon, she also entered the PTR on November 6th. That changes today: she's officially available on across all of Overwatch.

As a support-healer, Moira's addition to Overwatch has been hotly anticipated by fans. Plus, she has a pretty sweet David Bowie-esque legendary skin too, right out the gate. Given the nature of Overwatch's PTR's being test servers, changes were undoubtedly be made to Moira before she became widely available on Overwatch proper, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Since it's only been a couple weeks since she entered the PTR, this has been a relatively short incubation period for the hero, compared to past new heroes for the game.

In the meantime, if you never dove into the PTR you can now get a feel for how Moira plays. She's currently locked for Competitive Play, as all new heroes are when they're first thrown into the mix, but next week she'll be able to be played in competitive matches. Likely soon, the new Overwatch map BlizzardWorld might make its way to the PTR. The new map and all those fancy skins are coming to Overwatch officially in early 2018. Also this weekend marks yet another free weekend for Overwatch, just in time for Moira's release.

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