Overwatch's Newest Webcomic Puts the Spotlight on Doomfist and the Evil Organization of Talon

Overwatch's Newest Webcomic Puts the Spotlight on Doomfist and the Evil Organization of Talon

The webcomic teases new locales and unfamiliar characters as well.

Doomfist, oh Doomfist. Sweet, sweet, Doomfist. Doomfist, who has been teased since the earliest days of Overwatch. Doomfist, who fans cried out his name upon every tiniest inkling of an announcement. Doomfist, who will be gracing all Overwatch fans' screens when he launches officially next week. Doomfist, who has his own webcomic now, because why the heck not.

The latest webcomic in Overwatch's ongoing series is Doomfist: Masquerade. The short webcomic focuses squarely on Doomfist and the rest of the evil Talon organization. It's an interesting comic, one that lets on that Reaper and others are aware of Sombra's sorta-double-crossing in her debut animation. The webcomic shows Doomfist as a strong leader—one who assassinates anyone who stands in his way, no matter what.

Reaper's never looked more cool. Also who's that creepy dude in the background?

We also get glimpses at other Talon members, like the evil sharply-dressed omnic Maximillian, in addition to others. Also, familiar characters like Reaper, Doomfist, and Sombra show up in dazzling outlandish clothes, piquing interest for eventual new skins. The webcomic also bounces between two locales: Monaco and Venice. Which, who knows, could even be the destinations for future maps in Overwatch. (Though with the recent release of Horizon Lunar Colony, it'll likely be another few months until a map joins the roster.)

In the meantime, Overwatch's latest Doomfist webcomic is freely readable online through Blizzard. Also stay tuned for next week, where if you never jumped into the PTR, you'll finally be able to punch things as the doomiest of fists himself.

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