Overwatch's Zarya Finally Gets A Great Skin, And It's Not in Overwatch

Overwatch's Zarya Finally Gets A Great Skin, And It's Not in Overwatch

Heroes of the Storm adds Genji to the cast and gives Zarya a Genji makeover.

Let's get the salient news out of the way. As part of the ongoing overhaul of Heroes of the Storm with the 2.0 content rollout, Blizzard Entertainment is adding Genji to the roster of heroes. Overwatch's cyborg ninja joins Tracer, Zarya, and Lucio on the Heroes roster, adding a new, quick Assassin for players to try out.

Genji's Master skin.

In addition, Genji's home of Hanamura is joining the map roster in the Nexus. The map will feature payloads that teams have to escort to the enemy core in order to deal damage. Destroying forts in the map will increase the overall damage the payload deals. Genji and Hanamura will come to the game on April 24, 2017.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 sees Blizzard's MOBA taking a number ideas from the company's other online multiplayer title. There's infinite leveling now and players get a loot chest every time they level, with common, rare, and epic varieties. There's new portrait badge art denoting level progression. There's a whole host of new cosmetic items, like sprays, banners, voice lines, announcers, and chat emojis.

But the biggest new addition to Heroes of the Storm are the skins. Genji comes with his classic Overwatch look, the Heroes of the Storm Oni look, and an all-new Steel Dragon skin. A few existing heroes are getting Hanamura-themed skins too. Diablo archangel Auriel gets one, but so does Zarya.

See, the problem with Zarya in Overwatch is that she has no great alternate skins. They all range from boring to dire. Look at that Hanamura skin though. That's Beast Mode folks. It makes no logical sense in the world of Overwatch - why would Zarya have a Hanamura-themed skin, she doesn't know the Shimada brothers - but it's 100 percent pure badass.

Blizzard. Hey, Blizzard. Move that skin (and Lucio/Genji's Master skins) over to Overwatch. The magic having a company with all of these different games is ability to share your work. When the Heroes team does good work, you can steal it. And vice versa.

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