Owl Cave's Unconventional Horror Game Trailer

The Richard & Alice developer releases a rather odd trailer for its next game.

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How do you make a trailer for a horror game without spoiling the horrific elements?

That's a question that Owl Cave, the developer behind Richard & Alice and the upcoming Location Services, attempted to answer in its own distinctive way. See if you think they were successful.

The trailer is for Owl Cave's upcoming horror title Sepulchre, a game that will be completely free to download and enjoy, with nary a microtransaction in sight. (That said, the team does note that if you do enjoy the game upon its release, they certainly wouldn't be averse to a few kind donations, as these will surely help with the continuing development on Location Services.)

Sepulchre is described as "an adventure short," and is the work of Owl Cave's resident writer Ashton Raze, artist Ben Chandler (best known for his work on the Blackwell series) and musician Jack de Quidt from The Tall Trees. Raze describes the game as "really creepy. Proper horror. None of that jump scare stuff." Sounds good to me.

Sepulchre will be available "soon" -- it was originally set to release in August, but there's not much of August left now and it's still not out yet, so we can probably expect it in the next month or so. Keep an eye on Owl Cave's site for the latest -- and to download the game when it becomes available. In the meantime, Owl Cave's previous title Richard & Alice is eminently worth your time.

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