Paper Mario The Origami King: All Collectible Treasure Locations

Paper Mario The Origami King: All Collectible Treasure Locations

Here's where to find every Collectible Trophy in Paper Mario The Origami king.

While exploring the crafted world of Paper Mario The Origami King you should be constantly on the lookout for Collectible Treasures. There are 135 to collect and they can be pretty well hidden. To help you collect them all we've put together this Collectibles Locations guide. We'll break down the Collectible Treasures for each area of the map so that you won't miss a single one.

Paper Mario The Origami King Collectible Locations

There are 135 Collectible Treasures to find in Paper Mario The Origami King. We'll be breaking the game down into the following sections, read on for more info:

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Whispering Woods

Whispering Woods is the first major area you move through in Paper Mario The Origami King. There are only a few Collectibles to look out for, here's where to find them.

No:1 – Peach's Castle: Head to the leaf matching mini game and match all leaves to get a Super Star. Grab it and run to the left and up the spiked vines.

No 2 – Mushroom: Find the lake you used to rehydrate the Soul Seed and walk to the left.

No 3 – Ol' Gransappy: There's a talking house in the BBQ logging area. You'll need to grab the Big Shell from the Great Sea and cook it on the BBQ. This is done after completing the game. More info here.

Toad Town

Toad Town is the main hub area of the game. There are a lot of trophies to collect here, and some can only be collected after you've completed the game. Best to get what you can and then head back after the credits roll.

No 4 – Torch:Under the first bridge you come across after fighting the first paper macho enemy.

No 5 – Camp Speaker: In chest in the back of building in the screenshot below.

No 6 – Coins: On the roof of Toad Mansion. More info on how to get there here.

No 7: Colored Pencils: Buy from Mole at docks after defeating Colored Pencils Boss.

No 8 – Rubber Band: Buy from Mole after defeating the Rubber Bands boss .

No 9 – Hole Punch:Buy from mole after defeating the Hole Punch boss.

No 10 – Tape: Buy from mole after defeating the tape boss.

No 11 – Scissors: Buy from mole after defeating the Scissors boss.

No 12 – Stapler: Buy from mole after beating the Stapler boss.

No 13 – Log Cabin: On the upper floor of the Toad mansion. You will need to rescue all toads in the desert area of the map to get the owner to unlock the doors here.

No 14 – Mario: Return the Manhole hook to the toad next to the sewer.

No 119 – Princess Peach: Beat the game and then purchase from the general store.

No 120 – Origami Castle: Toad Town entrance after beating the game.

No 15- Battle Machine: Beat every boss battle in the Batttle Machine at the Battle Lab.

Graffiti Underground

You'll unlock the Graffiti Underground area on your way to Peach's Castle at the start of the game. Here's where to find all of the Collectible Trophies.

No 16: Manhole Cover: In the Sewer area. Use the 1000-fold arms to turn the valve in the image below. This will allow you to reach a room under the water level.

Picnic Road

Picnic Road is the route you'll take to get to the cablecar at the top of Overlook Mountain. There are a few Collectible Treasures to grab here.

No 22 – Shellvation is Near: Purchased from the Accessory shop outside the Earth Vellumental Temple after beating the game.

No 23 – Vellumental Idol: Buy from merchant outside Earth Temple after clearing it.

No 24 – Sensor Lab: To the right of the Sensor Lab. You need to have cut the first streamer.

Overlook Mountain

Overlook Mountain is home to a fishing spot, a mole merchant and the Overlook Tower. Here's all of the Collectible Locations in this area.

No 17 – Lush Greenery: head left just as you enter the area. There is a chest on the ridge here.

No 18 – Paper Macho Goomba: Underneath the bridge in this area, just left of where the mole is.

No 19 – Sap Sister: To the left of the fishing spot.

No 20 – Folded Bowser: Fishing Spot, look for the sparkling fish.

No 21 – Paper Macho Shy Guy: Defeat the three Paper Macho Shy Guy enemies to the left of the Overlook Tower. Walk south to find a chest.

Earth Vellumental Temple

The Earth Vellumental Temple is where you'll face your first boss battle. Here's where to look for collectibles.

No 25 – Earth Vellumental Relief: Proceed until you are in a room filled with spikes. Head to the location show in the image below.

No 26 – Rocks: There's a room with sliding obstacles here, drop down and grab the chest next to the bottomless hole.

No 27 – Pipe: In the Hidden Block to the left of the mouth entrance.

Overlook Tower

Overlook Tower was once a clifftop cafe bustling with customers and toads, now it's a ghost town. Here's where to find all of the collectibles in this area:

No 28 – Chef Truly Wild Special: Speak to the chef in the kitchen after beating the game.

No 29 – Overlook Tower: at the base of the viewing platform there is a coffee stand. Speak to the toad here after beating the game.

If you're looking for more of our guides, be sure to head on over to our Paper Mario The Origami King Walkthrough. It's where you'll find collectible locations, a look at the legendary fish, and more.

Autumn Mountain

Autumn Mountain really lives up to its name. With red and orange tones hiding a vellumental temple within the forest. Let's take a look at where you should be searching.

No 30 – Fallen Leaves: The staircase leading down to the tall grass below the lake has a chest underneath it.

No 31 – Toad Tram: Stairs in front of the sensor lab in this area. Head to the right to find a chest.

No 32 – Confetti Bag: To the right of the bridge with the jumping fish, just outside the Vellumental Cave.

No 33 - Just below the lake shown in the image below. You can walk acrfoss the boats to get to the chest.

Chestnut Valley

You'll take a detour through Chestnut Valley after Bobby hurls himself off of a bridge. There's a couple of collectibles to get here, let's take a look.

No 34 – Sturdy Crates: Immediately after dropping from the bridge walk towards the screen. There is a chest here.

No 35 – Sign: After saving Bobby, there's a chest you can grab. It's super easy to spot.

No 36 – Spinning Shells: Get past Spiked Balls falling from mountain. Defeat the goombas here and get to the chest.

Water Vellumental Shrine

The Water Vellumental Shrine is home to the game's second major boss. Here's where to look.

No 37 – Restaurant Fridge: Lower level of the temple, make your way to the left and then towards the screen, past the bat enemies.

No 38 – Max Up Heart: Lower levels again here. There are windows, the far right of which has a chest in it. Hit hidden blocks shown below to reach this chest.

No 39 – Pow Block: Room to the right of the main room. Break the blocks in this room and use the hidden staircase at the back.

Shogun Studios

The Shogun Studios area of Paper Mario The Origami King is filled with treasures to find. Here's where to look.

No 40 – Downriver Tour Boat: First house on the left as you enter Shogun Studios. You will need the Royalty Pass.

No 41 – Chestnuts: In the cafe area, you will need the Royalty Pass to get in.

No 42 – Water Vellumental's Wheel: There's a room behind the lookout tower. Get the chest inside.

No 43 – Relaxing Bench: Outside Staff Room (location of Staff Room can be found here).

No 44 – Paper Mario Koopa Troopa:Get 80 Points or more in the shuriken mini-game.

No 45 – Canned Tuna: Fishing Challenge reward, look for the sparkling fish.

No 47 – Canned Food Partaay Trio: Use master key on the building behind the ninjas breathing through reeds. Top right of map.

No 48 – Lookout Tower Bell: After beating the game, head back to the lookout tower and hit the bell 100 times.

No 49 – Water Vellumental Shrine: Hidden Block outside House of Riddles.

Ninja Attraction

The House of Tricky Ninjas has three collectible trophies that you can earn. Here's how to get them.

No 50 – Luigi: Final room of the House of Tricky Ninjas.

No 51 – Ninja Statue: Find all 25 toad paintings. You can find locations for all of them in this guide

No 52 – Bob-OmbAfter saving luigi in the House pf Tricky Ninjas, head outside. The shuriken platform above the door is now moving, you can use it to get to a chest.

Big Sho' Theater

Most of the Big Sho' Theater is occupied by a giant stage. There's one collectible to get here.

No 53 – Paper Macho Outlaw: Get onto the stage and head behind the left curtain. There is a chest there.

Breezy Tunnel

You'll pass through Breezy Tunnel on your way to the desert. There are two collectibles to get here.

No 57 – Huge RockHead left and into the large, multi-levelled room. There is a wall you can break here leading to a chest.

No 58 – Important Box: From the last chest, drop down to the lowest level and head left. There is a room here with a chest in it.

Desert Major

The first part of the Sandpaper Desert you'll explore will be the major section. You can find the following collectibles:

No 60 – Boot Car: Head to the far right of this open area. You'll need to dig with the Toad Researcher in the spot shown below:

No 61 – Cactus: Dig at the spot shown in the image below, it's just south of the tower:

No 64 – Temple of Shrooms: Freezer inside sun altar. You'll need to complete this area fully to get there.

Desert Far West

No 62 – Mega Paper Macho Pokey: There's a cactus surrounded by roicks. Dig at the ground in front of it.

Desert Minor

No 63 – Professor Toad: Dig at spot behind the Temple of Shrooms.

Desert East

No 59 – Paper Macho Boo - The chest in this area is pretty easy to find. It's in the top-right, next to the not-bottomless hole

Shroom City

Shroom City (or Snif City, depending on who you ask) is a sprawling oasis in the center of Sandpaper Desert. There's plenty to see and do, including tracking down collectibles.

No 65 – Snif City Royal Hotel: This can be purchased from the store outside of the hotel once you have returned the toads to the city.

No 66 – Bag of Confetti: Head into the record shop, it's next to the general shop. You can hop up onto the counter and through a hole into the next room. This is where you'll find the collectible.

No 67 – Desert Tower: Head left from the hotel desk and enter the first room. There's a chest in there.

No 68 Gold Snif: There's a circular patch of grass beside the sunbathing toad. Dig here to uncover a collectible.

No 69: To get this collectible you will need to rescue Luigi from the fortune telling booth to the west of the hotel. He'll give you a key to the suite. There's a chest in there.

No 70 – Lamp Scam: Once you've returned the toads to Shroom City, head to the fortune telling booth. The toad manning it will give you a treasure.

Fire Vellumental Cave

The third vellumental boss is a giant fire bird who hides away in a cave. There are a couple of collectibles to grab as you explore this area.

No 71 – Fire Flower: You'll enter a room early on with two koopas throwing fireballs. The chest is behind the one on the left.

Temple of Shrooms

You'll raise the Temple of Shrooms while on your mission with the Toad Researcher. Once inside keep a look out for these items:

No 72 – Fire Vellumental: There will be a point early on in this area where you'll come across a toad without a face. When you do, move through the door on the right. There's a chest just above the entrance to this new room.

No 73 – Temple of Shrooms: This collectible treasure is found in the large room underneath the spider-webs. You'll need to dig in the spot shown in the image below.

The Great Sea

The Great Sea is the largest single area you can explore in Paper Mario The Origami King. Most of it is open water, and much of the treasure is fittingly at the bottom of the ocean. Here's where to look.

No 81 – Paper Macho Mummy Goomba Dive at the spot indicated by the little red ship.

No 82 – Healing Hearts: Dive at the location indicated by the red ship icon below:

No 83 – Spade Island Barrel: Dive at this location.

No 84: DJ Booth - Dive here.

No 85 – Training Mannequin: Dive at this spot.

No 86 – Origami Workbench: Dive at the point indicated by the red marker on the map below:

No 87 – Paper Macho Spike:Dive between C3 and D, right on the line, in the middle of the vertical line.

No 88 – King Shroomses' Coffin: Dive at the location shown below

No 89 – Paper Macho Gooper Blooper: Dive here.

The Princess Peach

We recommend going back for the Princess Peach at the end of the game. You can find a full map of the Great Sea here, which you'll need to rescue all toads and get the last trophy.

No 54 – Block As you enter the deck of The Princess Peach you will see a pool with a staircase to the left of it. Head behind this staircase.

No 55 – Super Star: This can be found in the chest located in the Wheel House of The Princess Peach.

No 56 – The Princess Peach: You will need to rescue all toads from all parts of The Great Sea and the areas within it.

Bonehead Island

No 74 – Submarine “Marino”: Enter the large skull and search the room on the far left. There is a chest there.

Moon Island

No 75 – Paper Macho Koopa Paratroopa: Fish at crescent moon Island

? Island

No 76 – ? Block: Head underneath ? Island, there's a chest there.

No 77 – Sea Captain Toad: This chest can be found by dropping down from the top of ? Island.

No 80 – Shangri Spa: Activate all of the toad statues found in the Great Sea.

Hammer Island

No 78 – Hammer: Open the chest on the left ridge.

No 79 – Captain T.Ode: Hit the hidden block shown in the image below.

Ice Vellumental Mountain

The fourth and final Vellumental Dungeon belongs to the ice form. You'll need to solve sliding ice puzzles, all the while looking for collectibles of course!

No 90 – Paper Macho Buzzy Beetle: Just before you reach the boss battle you will need to ascend a spiral staircase. There's a chest on the way up.

No 91 – Ice Vellumental Bust: To the right of the door with a bear on it. Easy to spot as it's next to a pipe that leads you back to the entrance.

No 92 – Origami Craftsman: Head left after landing the huge jump between bear statues (you'll know the one!)

No 93 – Diamond Island: Head left after exiting the temple using the slide.

Sea Tower

The Sea Tower is the final destination when exploring the Great Sea. Let's take a look at the collectibles in this area.

No 94 – Sea Captain's Boat: First room on the left as you enter. Look for the moving platforms shown in the image below.

Shangri Spa

Shangri Spa is one of the last areas you'll visit in Paper Mario The Origami King. Let's take a look at the nearby collectibles.

No 95 - Earth Vellumental Idol: Exit the first building and loop around the back. There's a chest here.

No 96 – Water Vellumental Idol: Cross the first bridge and head left. You will find some shops. Head south to the location shown in the image below:

No 97 – Fire Vellumental Idol: To the left of the main area you can head down to a moving platform. Use Bowser's Castle for reference with the image below.

No 98 – Ice Vellumental Idol: Chest to the right of the entrance to Bowser's Castle. Knock down the pillar to reach it.

No 99 – Water Buckets: This one can be reached by taking the left floating platform on the way to the jungle Spring.

No 100 - Sea Tower: Speak to the Spike in the main courtyard.

No 101 – Shangri-Spa Fountain: Buy from Shy Guy in the main courtyard.

No 102 – Shangri Spa Toad: Buy from blue shop.

No 103 – Boss Sumo Bro Cloud: To the left of the entrance to Bowser's Castle.

Spring of Jungle Mist

No 104 – Bowser Jr: Hidden wall after second route choice.

No 105 – Sweet Sap Loggins: After third route choice, you can't miss it!

No 106 – Stamp Booth: To the right of the ladder that takes you up the big tree.

No 107 – Kamek: On the way up the big tree, head left.

Spring of Rainbows

No 108 – Sudden Death Cannon: Beat the Sudden Death Round. More info can be found here

Bowser's Castle

Before taking on the final boss you'll need to head into Bowser's Castle and clear out all of the enemies. These are the collectibles to look out for:

No 109 – Paper Macho Chain Chomp: First door on the right as you enter.

No 110 – Paper Macho Piranha Plant: next door on the right.

No 111 – Cutout Soldiers: On the right after passing through the laser security gate.

No 112 – Head back to the airship hanger after beating the game and speak to the red shy guy.

Origami Castle

Finally we come to the Origami Castle. Make sure to grab these collectibles.

No 113 – Luigi's Hat: 2nd room you head through, peel gold sticker off of floor.

No 114 – Bullet Bill: Room with koopas throwing boomerangs. Bottom left. There are hidden blocks to hit here.

No 115 – Paper Plane Squadron: House created by using 1000-fold arms. Chest is inside.

No 116 – Paper Macho Crater Crashers: Hidden Box in room with moving boxes, check out the screenshot below.

No 117 – Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle: Hidden Box in the same room.

No 118 – Origami Castle :Outside throne room

Collectible Trophies

There are 15 trophies you have to earn while playing Paper Mario The Origami King. They range from mastering mini games to collecting all of a certain item. Here's the full list:

  • Battle King – unlock conditions are unclear. We didn't flee from battles so it's likely this is for a certain amount of battles won. We unlocked this right at the end of the game.
  • Collect 300,000 Coins
  • Hit every ? Block
  • Fish Finder – catch the legendary fish
  • Ring Champion – clear the ring in the Great Sea
  • Get a perfect score on Shy Guys Finish Last
  • Shuriken Master – Get the highscore in the shuriken mini-game
  • Coin Captain – collect every coin during the Eddy Rapids river run
  • Clear 16 levels in Speed Rings
  • Clear every level of The Ringer
  • Complete the art gallery collection
  • Find all toads
  • Complete the sound collection
  • Get every collectible treasure
  • Complete the origami character challenge

What Do You get For Collecting All Collectible Trophies?

The prize for collecting all Collectible Treasures is one final Collectible. There's also the sense of accomplishment, and that's priceless.

There's plenty more on Paper Mario The Origami King to find right here on USG. First up there's Nadia's preview about how it compares to The Thousand Year Door. Next up, read our review.

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