Paper Mario The Origami King Big Shell: What to Cook On the BBQ in Whispering Woods

Paper Mario The Origami King Big Shell: What to Cook On the BBQ in Whispering Woods

If you return to the logging camp in Whispering Woods after beating Paper Mario The Origami King you'll be able to light up the BBQ. But what can you cook on it?

Paper Mario The Origami is far from being over after the credits roll, as there are a few items that can only be acquired using some of the late-game powers. One such item is linked to the BBQ in Whispering Woods, and you'll need to travel all the way to the Great Sea to complete the sequence. In this guide we'll explain what you need to cook on the BBQ, how to get this item, and what you'll receive for doing so.

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Paper Mario The Origami King: What to Cook On the BBQ in Whispering Woods

While exploring the logging camp in Paper Mario The Origami King's Whispering Woods area you may have noticed that you're having trouble finding all of the toads. This is because one of them can only be found by lighting up the BBQ and cooking a special item on it. This item is called the Big Shell, and is located in the Great Sea. More info on this below.

Where to Get the Big Shell

The Big Shell is located in the Great Sea, hidden deep under the water. We've marked it's exact location on the map below, look for the red boat icon. For a full map of the Great Sea, head here:

Here's where to dive | Jake Green/USG

Where to Take the Big Shell

Once you have the Big Shell you'll want to take it to the BBQ in Whispering Woods. The easiest way to get there is to head to Toad Town and backtrack through the entrance. There's a big wooden housein this area, you can't miss it!

If you're looking for more of our guides, be sure to head on over to our Paper Mario The Origami King Walkthrough. It's where you'll find collectible locations, a look at the legendary fish, and more.

Throw a big shell on the barby! | Jake Green/USG

How to Light the BBQ and Open the Big Shell

To open the BBQ in Whispering Woods you'll need to have earned the Fire Vellumental power. Once you have it, light the pile of wood next to the BBQ. You can now place the Big Shell on the BBQ and open it up. There's a toad inside who will allow you to enter the log cabin. There's a collectible in here. For a full list of the other collectible treasures, head here.

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