Paper Mario The Origami King: How to Beat the Fire Vellumental Boss Fight

Paper Mario The Origami King: How to Beat the Fire Vellumental Boss Fight

Once you make it to the fire cave in Sandpiper Desert you'll face a fiery foe, the Fire Vellumental boss.

In Paper Mario The Origami King you'll come up against four Vellumental bosses, each with its own fighting style and moveset. The third one you'll face is the Fire Vellumental, a giant phoenix that uses burning feathers to chip away at your health as you move. This is a pretty formidable enemy to face unless you know what you're doing, but we'll show you how to beat the Fire Vellumental boss fight and what strategy you should use.

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How to Beat the Fire Vellumental Boss Fight in Paper Mario The Origami King

To beat the Fire Vellumental you will need to keep one key thing in mind: the boss will recall its feathers and recover all health unless you extinguish them first. Because of this, it is extremely important that you only use the 1000-fold arms at the right time. Take a look at the steps below for more info on beating the Fire Vellumental.

  1. First, do as much damage as you can with normal attacks (Iron Boots), ensuring that you pick up the blue x2 tile each time for multiple attacks.
  2. Once the boss is at ¼ health (this should be after three molten feather phases), switch tactics.
  3. Open a chest to place the new tiles down and aim to trigger the water Magic Circle as soon as you can
  4. This will down the boss, get one more normal hit in and then use the 1000-fold arms.
  5. This sequence of attacks will be enough to kill the boss before it regenerates.
  6. Note that you only have two attacks after downing it with water before it regains health
The burning feathers will damage you if you run into them | Jake Green/USG

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Fire Vellumental Rewards

For defeating the Fire Vellumental you'll get a couple thousand coins and then you'll receive the Fire Bibliofold. This will let you use the fire Magic Circles hidden around the World. There's one in Whispering Woods, read more about that here.

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