Paper Mario The Origami King: How to Beat the Ice Vellumental Boss Fight

Paper Mario The Origami King: How to Beat the Ice Vellumental Boss Fight

The final Vellumental boss is a hulking ice bear with the ability to freeze up space on the battlefield. Here's how to beat the Ice Vellumental boss fight.

Paper Mario The Origami King is full of wacky and challenging boss fights, fourth and final of which is the Ice Vellumental, a giant bear that deals out ice attacks which create large mazes for Mario to solve. It's a tough fight, which is why we've put together this guide on how to beat the Ice Vellumental boss. We'll give you details on its weaknesses, and the best way to get through the Ice Maze attacks.

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How to Beat the Ice Vellumental Boss Fight in Paper Mario The Origami King

To beat the Ice Vellumental in Paper Mario The Origami King you will first need to deal with the huge ice shield that surrounds its body. After that it's just a case of hammering it with 1000-Fold Arms attacks until the final phase triggers. We've detailed this process on how to beat the Ice Vellumental below:

  1. To melt the ice shield you will need to use the fire Magic Circle.
  2. Once you've melted this, try to trigger as many 1000-Fold Arms attacks as you can.
  3. After two of these attacks you'll be into the final phase of the fight where the Ice Vellumental will use the Ice Maze attack. We've gone into more detail on this below.

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Here's how to get through the Ice Maze | Jake Green/USG

How to Get Through the Ice Vellumental Maze

Once you've landed two separate 1000-Fold Arms attacks on the Ice Vellumental it will unleash the Ice Maze attack. You'll need to quickly memorize the path ahead, which can be tricky to do at first. What we found helpful was to memorize where the ON Switch needed to go, as well as the two tiles in front of Mario. You can also take a picture on your phone or a screenshot on your Switch for reference. We've included an image of the solution above too. Once you clear this maze and attack the boss it will be beaten. Make sure you mop up any collectibles in this area using our Collectibles Locations guide.

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