Paper Mario The Origami King: How to Beat the Water Vellumental Boss Fight

Paper Mario The Origami King: How to Beat the Water Vellumental Boss Fight

To refill the lake in Autumn Mountain you'll need to learn a new power by beating the Water Vellumental boss fight.

While on your way to cut the second streamer in Paper Mario The Origami King you'll come up against the Water Vellumental boss. It's a huge water dragon that requires a little more effort to beat than the previous boss fight. To help you come out on top we've put together a guide on how to beat the Water Vellumental boss fight. We'll walk you through its weaknesses, how to avoid its Mega Wave attack, and what you'll get for making it through alive.

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How to Beat the Water Vellumental Boss Fight in Paper Mario The Origami King

To beat the Water Vellumental boss in Paper Mario The Origami King you will need to use boot attacks while it's in the air. This will knock it down onto the ground where you can use the hammer. Keep doing this until Olivia warns you about the boss's belly getting full, then follow these steps:

  1. Once the boss's belly is full you will need to hit the ON switch and land on the green Magic Circle.
  2. This will activate the Earth Vellumental power and raise you up on a mound of dirt.
  3. This will protect you from the Mega Wave attack.
  4. After this attack you want to hit the ON switch again and land on the 1000-fold arms to punish the boss.
Watch out for the Wash Away attacks. | Jake Green/USG

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How to Dodge the Wash Away Attacks

The Water Vellumental will place tornados onto the board at the start of each round. Once the ring is set, they will move and wash away all tiles on each row in front of a tornado. Keep this in mind when planning your route, basically anything in line with a tornado won't be usable.

Here's what you'll get for winning. | Jake Green/USG

Water Vellumental Boss Fight Rewards

For beating the Water Vellumental you will get 1440 coins, as well as the Blue Bibliofold. This allows you to use blue Magic Circles like the one at the lake. You can now refill it, this will allow you to reach new areas. Before heading off be sure to make sure you've picked up all of the collectibles in this area.

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