Paper Mario The Origami King: How to Catch the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper

Paper Mario The Origami King: How to Catch the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper

There are two legendary fish to catch in The Origami King: the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Blooper. Here's where to find and catch them both.

There's a wide range of trophies to earn while playing Paper Mario The Origami King, such as one for catching two legendary fish: the Legendary Cheep Cheep and the Legendary Blooper. These can both be caught at the same location, but with multiple fishing spots in the game you will need to know where to look. In this guide we'll show you exactly where to catch the legendary cheep cheep and legendary Blooper, so that you can earn the Fish Finder Trophy and some new art for the walls of your museum.

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How to Catch the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper in Paper Mario The Origami King

To catch the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper in Paper Mario The Origami King you will need to head to Full Moon Island in the Great Sea area of the map (for a look at the fully-completed map of this area, head here). Once you're there, head to the fishing spot at the back of the island. There are two types of fish you can catch here: bloopers and cheep cheeps. For each type, follow these steps to get the Legendary versions:

  1. Catch a fish of any size
  2. Now aim to catch one of a larger size
  3. Keep doing this, larger and larger, until the Legendary appears
  4. It will be noticeably larger than the other fish

If you're looking for more of our guides, be sure to head on over to our Paper Mario The Origami King Walkthrough. It's where you'll find collectible locations, a look at the legendary fish, and more.

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What Do You Get For Catching the Legendary Fish?

Once you've caught both of the legendary fish you'll get an alert in the top-right of the screen. Head back to the museum and speak to the curator, they will give you the Fish Finder trophy. For a full list of the other trophies in the game, head here. You'll also get two pieces of art that will be displayed at the entrance of your museum.

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