Paper Mario The Origami King: All Accessories and Best Accessories to Equip

Paper Mario The Origami King: All Accessories and Best Accessories to Equip

Accessories will seriously help you in battle and while exploring across the Origami King. Here's how to unlock them and which ones are best.

Paper Mario The Origami King is filled with accessories to make your adventure easier. These can be purchased from vendors all over the map, but you'll need to unlock them first. In this guide we'll detail all the accessories in the game and which accessories are best allowing you to form a perfect strategy.

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Best Accessories in Paper Mario Origami King

You can only equip one accessory of each type while playing Paper Mario The Origami King, and as such you'll want to know which ones are best. You'll want to have Guard Plus, Heart Plus and Time Plus equipped for battles, and your Membership Card just before you purchase items. The Ally Tambourine is great for when you have allies on the battlefield, as it will boost attack power. In terms of the alerts, we found it best to have the Toad Alert equipped while exploring, as toads are pretty well hidden. For a look at where to find all collectible treasures, head here.

All Accessories

There are 18 accessories to track down in Paper Mario The Origami King. We've listed them all below, you can purchase them from accessories merchants at Toad Town, Shroom City, Earth Temple, Shogun Studios, and Shangri-Spa.

  1. Heart Plus – health added at the start of battl
  2. Silver Heart Plus
  3. Gold Heart Plus
  4. Guard Plus – less damage while guarding
  5. Silver Guard Plus
  6. Gold Guard Plus
  7. Time Plus – more time in battle
  8. Silver Time Plus
  9. Gold Time Plus
  10. Toad Alert – nearby toad
  11. Treasure Alert – near collectible
  12. Hidden Block Alert – tells you when you're near a hidden block
  13. Membership Card – money off purchases
  14. Petal Bag – throw petals instead of confetti
  15. Coin Step Counter – gives you coins for steps
  16. Confetti Vacuum – collect confetti from further away
  17. Ally Tambourine – boosts ally attacks
  18. Retro Soundbox – adds retro sounds to walking, jumping and using the hammer
Make sure you have the Toad Alert equipped while exploring. | Jake Green/USG

If you're looking for more of our guides, be sure to head on over to our Paper Mario The Origami King Walkthrough. It's where you'll find collectible locations, a look at the legendary fish, and more.

How to Unlock Accessories in Paper Mario The Origami King

To unlock Accessories in Paper Mario The Origami King you'll need to rescue the toads hidden in the Earth Vellumental Temple. This can be found in Overlook Mountain. The main story will take you through here, so as long as you save the toads inside, a new merchant will be waiting for you when you leave the temple.

There's plenty more on Paper Mario The Origami King to find right here on USG. First up there's Nadia's preview about how it compares to The Thousand Year Door. Next up, read our review.

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