Paper Mario The Origami King: Temple of Shrooms Sound Disc Locations

Paper Mario The Origami King: Temple of Shrooms Sound Disc Locations

You'll need to track down four sound discs for the DJ Toad you'll meet in the Temple of Shrooms. Here's where to find them.

If you've managed to align the four towers in the desert area of Paper Mario The Origami King you'll raise the Temple of Shrooms from its long slumber. Exploring the temple is your next task, where you'll meet a DJ Toad who is struggling to get the vibe of his music right for the ongoing party. He'll ask you to track down four sound discs hidden throughout the temple, hoping that one will be the right tune to coax the area's boss out of hiding. In this guide we'll show you where each of the four sound discs are located.

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Paper Mario The Origami King: Temple of Shrooms Sound Disc Locations

We've listed the locations of each of the four Temple of Shrooms sound discs below. We'll then go into more detail on each, with screenshots to help you track them down.

  1. Disc 1 - Heartbeat Skipper, found in the room to the left of the first no-face toad you encounter.
  2. Disc 2 - Deep, deep vibes, room with falling statues in it. Statue to the far right has the disc hidden inside.
  3. Disc 3 - M-A-X Power, head down a screen from where you meet DJ Toad. There is a room full of coffins here. The disc is inside the bottom right coffin.
  4. Disc 4 - Thrills at Night, move the wall to the right of the coffins and use 1000-fold arms to reach final disc.

Disc 1 - Heartbeat Skipper

One of the early rooms of the Temple of Shrooms has the first no-face toad you'll meet in it. After this horrifying meeting, head to the room on the left. This will take you to a chest with the first disc inside.

If you're looking for more of our guides, be sure to head on over to our Paper Mario The Origami King Walkthrough. It's where you'll find collectible locations, a look at the legendary fish, and more.

Disc 2 - Deep, Deep Vibes

Just before you reach the room with DJ toad in it, there's a room with falling statues. Make your way to the far side of the room and wait for the statue on the far right to fall. The disc will be left behind the statue.

Disc 3 - MAX Power

To find this disc, go to DJ Toad and then head South. You'll come across a bunch of coffins. The disc is located in the sun coffin, on the bottom right.

Disc 4 - Thrills at Night

The final disc is found to the right of the room with the coffins in. You can see marks on the ground indicating that the wall can be moved. Hit the wall with your hammer and proceed. In this room you will need to unlock the Magic Circle and grab the disc with the 1000-fold arms. For a full list of locations for the 135 collectibles in the game, head here.

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