Paper Mario The Origami King: What Is the Reward For Completing the Eddy River Rapids?

Paper Mario The Origami King: What Is the Reward For Completing the Eddy River Rapids?

The rapids mini-game that takes you over Eddy Rapids is pretty tricky to get through, though there's a reward for doing so if you also collect every coin. Here's what the reward is so you can see whether it's worth your time.

To make your way to the second streamer in Paper Mario The Origami King you'll need to ride the Eddy River Rapids. A toad will take you on your first journey down the river, after which you'll be able to replay the rapids mini-game to win a prize. It's a pretty difficult challenge and has the potential to eat up a lot of your time, which is why we've detailed the exact Eddy Rapids rewards in this guide. Let's take a look at what you can win.

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What Is the Reward For Completing the Eddy River Rapids in Paper Mario The Origami King?

If you manage to collect all of the coins while riding the Eddy River Rapids in Paper Mario The Origami King you'll get a collectible trophy. It's called the Coin Captain trophy and has no use unless you are planning on getting all of the collectibles in the game. For a full list of locations for the 135 collectibles in the game, head here.

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How to Collect All of the Coins in the Eddy River Rapids Mini-Game

Collecting all of the coins in the Eddy River Rapids mini-game isn't easy, and your only real way to improve is to memorize the course. Generally, there are only two areas where you might be likely to miss coins. The first area is the one with the giant whirlpool in the middle, which you will need to avoid at all costs. The key here is to ride the outside of the whirlpool to reach the coins at the top of the screen. The final area to look out for is the very last stretch of the rapids. You will need to jump at the right times to collect the coins above you. Jump whenever the coins start to move upwards, this will take some practice to get right. One tip we can give you is that if you feel you aren't lined up correctly for a particular set of coins, crash your boat. This will spawn you just behind where you were, you'll also be stationary and much easier to maneuver.

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