PAX Online Starts Sept. 12, And the Deadline for Panel Submission is Coming Up Fast

PAX Online Starts Sept. 12, And the Deadline for Panel Submission is Coming Up Fast

Get those pitches in soon.

It may be months away, but the deadline is fast approaching for panel submissions to this year's online PAX event. Anyone who wants to try and get their panel into the multi-day, all-day online extravaganza will need to get their pitch in soon.

The ongoing health crisis of COVID-19 has made large gatherings of people, like at a gaming expo, difficult to host. With stay-at-home orders in mind, PAX has moved to an online format in place of its usual West and Australia shows, hosting a worldwide digital festival in lieu of an in-person event. EGX has even joined in, combining forces to forge a nine-day online expo featuring show floor experiences, live events, and of course, panels.

USgamer will be participating with a number of panels and events that we'll announce further down the line, but as for you, the reader at home, PAX and EGX are open to your submissions as well. You can head over to the PAX Online site to fill out your submission, or submit a special topic through the EGX form for this year's EGX Digital Theatre.

As the EGX form notes, you don't have to be a developer to take part. If you have something interesting to say, a cool topic to cover, an issue worth discussing or some smart friends who can cover a complex topic like "Best Hair in Games"—the answer is Guile, from Street Fighter—submissions are open to you. We here at USG have hosted panels on the storytelling of Midgar, sexy vampires, and the twisted timeline of Metal Gear Solid. The sky's the limit!

Disclosure: USgamer is owned and operated by ReedPop, which also runs the PAX and EGX family of shows.

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