Pearl and Marina Splatoon 2 Amiibo Coming Soon (As Well as a New Stage: Goby Arena)

Pearl and Marina Splatoon 2 Amiibo Coming Soon (As Well as a New Stage: Goby Arena)

Pearl and Marina see what you do at night, and they judge you.

Nintendo's done a good job keeping Splatoon 2 in our zone of attention since the game's launch last year. New arenas are added often, and Splatfests continue to divide us according to our petty preferences.

Japan even recently held a holographic concert wherein the series' pop idols serenaded a large gathering of fans.

When you're tired of playing paintball with mutated ocean-people, you can always turn off your Nintendo Switch (or YouTube) and return to terrestrial reality, right? Think again. New Amiibo featuring the faces of Splatoon 2's idols, Pearl and Marina, are coming soon. Now they'll always be with you. Staring at you. Smiling knowingly.

The spot for the "Off the Hook" Amiibo set boasts, amongst other things, "sparkly costumes" and "squid-like textures." Um, ew. Does that mean Marina's tentacles are cold and slimy? Will they wrap around your finger like the horrific alien creature that gobbled up the bagboy in The Mist?

Maybe. Probably. Day-one purchase, anyway. The Off the Hook Amiibo set will be available later this year.

If you're uncomfortable about inviting Pearl and Marina directly into your home, maybe you'll be more interested in the news about Splatoon 2's basketball-themed Goby Arena. It'll enter the map rotation soon.

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