People Are Already Pulling off Insane Moves in Super Mario Odyssey

People Are Already Pulling off Insane Moves in Super Mario Odyssey

"It's-a hardcore parkour!"

How was your weekend? Hope you managed to pump some time into Super Mario Odyssey. Maybe you're even one of the people who are already very, very good at the game, even though it's only been out since Friday.

Nintendo turned on the Switch's video sharing feature close to Super Mario Odyssey's release date, and the Nintendo subreddit is awash in mad Mario parkour footage. As always, Mario can book it; age isn't slowing this plumber (or former plumber?) down one bit.

In the first video, "Wall Kicks (and Triple Jumps) Will Work," Redditor "MatrixChicken" hips and hops through the Luncheon Kingdom to finish a Koopa Freerunning challenge in record time. The best part of this video is MatrixChicken goes in the opposite intended direction when the starting gun fires, but they still comfortably blitz the competition.

"And I'm going thataway."

The second video, "When Nintendo already knows that people will try and break SMO," follows "kaeyay" as they use the walls and Cappy's "impromptu platform" ability to reach the top of a structure that's not accessible through more traditional maneuvers. But Nintendo left a surprise in the isolated area, seemingly in anticipation of the explorers determined to leap away from each level's beaten path.

There have been some complaints about Mario feeling heavier in Super Mario Odyssey compared to other 3D Mario games and most 2D titles. While I think Mario feels the pull of gravity a little more severely this time around, it seems to be a design choice. All the fancy footwork Redditors are showing off is a good indication Mario's response time is still dagger-sharp.

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