Perplexing Man Breaks Into GameStop Wearing a Plastic Bag Over His Head

Perplexing Man Breaks Into GameStop Wearing a Plastic Bag Over His Head

GameStop! In the name of the law!

In the age of CCTV's and face recognition, it makes sense to take precautions and cover your face if you choose to commit some kind of robbery. But we're still confused why one man broke into a GameStop in St. Mary's, Georgia last week wearing one of those plastic wrappers used for water bottle packs over his head.

On April 13, security footage captured an incident where one man broke into a local St. Mary's GameStop with what appears to be a plastic bag over his head. The footage was uploaded by St. Mary's police and frankly there are more questions than answers here.

According to Kotaku, the suspect broke into the store by kicking the bottom glass panel of the front door, but SMPD hasn't revealed what might have been taken, if anything at all.

You know, in security circles it's become something of a conversation how tattooing your face can actually disrupt facial recognition technology. I bring this up because there are governments out there in the world who do use facial scanning technology in crime prevention measures. If you're anything of a cyberpunk fan like we are, then you'll know how easily dystopian that sounds.

Basically, I'm saying this guy should read up on better faceblocking measures before breaking into GameStop stores. He could have at least gone the classic ski mask route if anything. (Note: USgamer does not condone burglary, breaking into stores, or any criminal activity whatsoever).

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