Persona 5's Immensely Jazzy Soundtrack Is Available Now on iTunes

Persona 5's Immensely Jazzy Soundtrack Is Available Now on iTunes

Not on Apple Music or other streaming sites though.

Shoji Meguro is one of the best composers in the biz (in this humble writer’s opinion). And now his latest composition for Persona 5 is officially available on iTunes. The new release expands beyond the sampler soundtrack found in Persona 5’s special Take Your Heart Edition. Rather than accounting only 19 tracks, the complete soundtrack bears 110 tunes from the 100-plus hour game.

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Meguro’s latest composition roots its inspirations in acid jazz, a funk-driven subgenre of jazz. In the past, Meguro’s scores have always set the mood for any game it touches. For Catherine, the bar’s melodies are notedly subdued, while the puzzle-prone nightmares hosted chaotic reimaginings of classical tunes. In Persona 3 Portable, a lighter, more upbeat collection of songs soundtracked the female main character’s route to contrast the male’s. With Persona 5, while drastically more laid back than past scores, ends up feeling like the perfect sounds to back the Phantom Thieves.

You can find the Persona 5 soundtrack on iTunes for $29.99. As of now, the soundtrack is not availble on Apple Music, Spotify, or any other streaming service.

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