Mysterious Persona 5 R Title Revealed Along With Promise of "New Projects," More Details in Spring

Persona 5 R is "R"eal. Is it a Switch port, fighting game, or something else entirely?

Atlus teased some new Persona 5 announcements just before New Years after confirming via a brief teaser that, yes, Persona 5 R is real. What exactly Persona 5 R is, however, remains a mystery. But we have a few guesses.

Awhile back it was discovered that Atlus owned the web domain, fueling speculation that a new Persona 5 related project was incoming. After weeks of guessing Atlus confirmed that there will be more to learn about Persona 5 R on March 2019. I just love teasers for teasers, don't you?

Considering the many spinoffs for Persona games, Persona 5 R could be anything from a full remake with expanded features a la Persona 4 Golden and P3P, a Nintendo Switch port piggybacking off the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news, or even a fighting game like Persona 4 Arena. We already got the prerequisite Persona 5 rhythm game and dungeon crawler, so those bases are covered.

While Persona 5 on Switch was rumored for some time, it's interesting to note that Atlus' New Year teaser featured a brief PlayStation logo at the start. So whatever Persona 5 R is, it's coming to the PlayStation at the very least.

We'll learn more about this mysterious Persona 5 R in March, so feel free to keep speculating what the "R" could possibly stand for. Personally my money is on Persona 5 Racing. Be sure to check out our Persona 5 guide for walkthroughs and tips.

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