Some Interesting Domains for Persona 5 Spin-Offs Have Popped up on the Web

Some Interesting Domains for Persona 5 Spin-Offs Have Popped up on the Web

Hmmmmm, are our dreams of Persona kart racing becoming a reality?

Not too long ago, I spread my ideas for Persona spin-offs far and wide. And as eagle-eyed translator MysticDistance on Twitter has pointed out, Atlus may already be well on its way to expanding the ever-growing Persona universe.

As reported by Persona Central and Siliconera, the following are recently registered domains by “RyusOffice Corp, Inc.” in Japan, known as a marketing business partner for the games industry. Also, the same entity that registered “” for Persona 5 director Katsura Hashino’s upcoming fantasy RPG, Project RE: Fantasy.

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  • P5AG.JP
  • P5R.JP
  • 4GAME.JP
  • PQ2.JP
  • 13C.JP
  • P3D.JP
  • P5D.JP
  • P5U.JP

The first three listed, Persona 8, Persona 9, and Persona 10, are obvious placeholders for the future of the franchise. (Can’t wait for Persona 10 in the year 2050!) The rest, a bit more intriguing, as fans (and myself) are rampantly speculating online.

For example P5AG could mean Persona 5 After Golden, perhaps an updated port onto another console of the game. And maybe, with a re-release, could even polish that clunky localization. PQ2 could be a nod to Persona Q 2. Possibly a title that bridges Persona 3, 4, and 5’s cast into one chibi-fied adventure. And who knows, maybe for the Switch instead of the 3DS.

Of all of these options, the ones that pique my attention the most are P3D, P5D, and PERSONA-DANCE, all careful gestures towards more in the dance-centric series. And with Persona 4: Dancing All Night sorely missing the bubbly tunes from Persona 3 (and even prior games in the series), game-specific spin-offs for the rhythm series seems about right. (And ideally, each wield their own visual novels too.) Plus best of all: perhaps my kart racing goof is coming true. P5R seems to point towards Persona 5 Racing after all.

After Atlus' survey bidding fans to request what sorts of spin-offs they'd like to see, it seems these domains are the miscellaneous results of them. I suppose we’ll see if any of these even materialize in the coming years. Maybe some news will hit on August 2nd, when there will be a massive concert dedicated to the jazzy tunes of Persona 5. Or maybe we won’t hear anything at all for some time, leaving these domains alone to stew until the end of speculatory time.

Burn my dread.

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