Persona 5: The Royal Japanese Release Date Revealed, Features New Characters and Areas

Persona 5: The Royal Japanese Release Date Revealed, Features New Characters and Areas

Poniko (Kazumi Yoshizawa) is revealed as a new character, and there are new Confidant Social Links.

We finally have more concrete details surrounding Persona 5: The Royal. After a handful of teases, Atlus has today used the P-Sound concert in Japan to reveal that Persona 5: The Royal will release on October 31, 2019 for PS4, in Japan at least. Atlus has confirmed that it will be bringing the enhanced re-release to the west in 2020.

There's a ton of changes being made in this re-release. Atlus confirmed that Poniko, actually called Kazumi Yoshizawa, the red-haired girl that we saw previously, is a new character and not a new protagonist. There'll be changes to Palaces such as Kamoshida's, new Confidant Social Links, and new areas around Tokyo.

We should note that 'Persona 5: The Royal' appears to be the Japanese name for the remake. In Europe and the west elsewhere, the game is actually just called 'Persona 5: Royal.'

The news came at the end of day one of the P-Sound concert in Japan, which celebrates music from all across the Persona series with live renditions and remixes. Amazing hits from the original Persona, all the way to Persona 5 and Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, were performed live on stage with a full band, range of singers, and backing dancers for almost three hours in total.

Don't forget, there should be an unveiling of whatever 'P5S' turns out to be, tomorrow on April 25, on the second and final day of P-Sound. Could P5S be the fabled Switch port for the game that's been long rumored? Check back here tomorrow for a follow up on the reveal.

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