Pet Bird Imitates the Switch's Menu Sound Effects With Eerie and Adorable Accuracy

Pet Bird Imitates the Switch's Menu Sound Effects With Eerie and Adorable Accuracy

Why sing when you can click?

The Nintendo Switch's home screen is kind of lacking in amenities like themes and achievements, but it does have a large assortment of delightful sound effects. The Switch's myriad clicks and snaps are so distinct, one Japanese Switch owner showed off their little birdie imitating the sounds, and there's no mistaking them.

In the video posted on Twitch, the little bird—I'm not up on my bird species, but it appears to be of the yellow persuasion—sits in its cage and merrily imitates the clicking sound the Switch makes when you scroll through its menu. It also imitates the whistle you hear when you choose a profile and enter the main menu.

All that's missing is the iconic "snap" itself. By the way, it's interesting how this generation of pop culture has two "snaps" that are popular for very different reasons. There's the hearty snap you hear when you attach the Switch's Joy-Cons to its screen, and then there's Thanos' snap from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One heralds good times with handheld gaming, and the other heralds absolute death and destruction. I'll leave you to figure out which one is which.

The Nintendo Switch is enjoying a successful life, and birds love to vocalize about happy things. (Or so Disney cartoons tell me.) Some Nintendo fans worry the class action lawsuit over the Switch's Joy-Con drift problem might inspire buzzards to screech and hover over Nintendo, but it's not likely. Just enjoy this one-bird talent show.

Thumbnail image source: Giant Bomb

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