Phil Spencer is Apparently Playing the Next-Gen Xbox Scarlett at Home

Phil Spencer is Apparently Playing the Next-Gen Xbox Scarlett at Home

If he beats you in Killer Instinct this weekend, feel free to blame that.

The next generation of Xbox may be a year away, but it's happening right now in Xbox head Phil Spencer's home entertainment center. Spencer confirmed on Twitter that he brought his Project Scarlett console home this week and has been happily playing away on it.

In his tweet, Spencer notes that it has become his primary console for playing games, and that he's been using his Elite Series 2 controller with it as well. It sounds like the backwards compatibility announced at this year's E3 isn't only confirmed, but it's working right now. So if you see Phil in your Gears 5 matches and he stomps your team, feel free to blame superior hardware.

The next generation of Xbox, currently codenamed Project Scarlett, will be launching next holiday season in 2020. Set to target 4k resolution and 60 frames per second, it sounds like Scarlett won't be just one console, but two. A report from Kotaku today indicated the disc-less Lockhart variant hasn't been cancelled after all, and is in development at Microsoft.

It's also good to know that those who bought the titanic hulk of a controller that is the Elite Series 2 will be able to use them on the next Xbox as well. Considering it looks like Sony will be launching a new DualShock, not having to invest in new controllers is a nice benefit for Xbox owners.

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