Pigs Fly As Trails in the Sky SC Launches Next Week

Pigs Fly As Trails in the Sky SC Launches Next Week

The next installment in one of XSEED's most exciting series is coming a lot sooner than we thought.

Yesterday, video game publisher XSEED tweeted a particularly enticing image which had fans buzzing about it could possibly be implying:

There's a bit of wishful thinking going on in the responses—including a few mentions of Mother 3—but XSEED followed up this intentionally vague teaser with an official announcement just 17 hours later:

In case you missed it, Trails in the Sky stands as a great little RPG series we got just a tad late; the original Japanese Windows version launched in 2004, and the English-speaking world had to wait until 2011 for the localized PSP release. And last summer, Trails gained some attention when the PC edition popped up on Steam—and I happened to like it a hell of a lot. It may be a little too chatty at times, but the fantastic battle system and character customization had me getting into battles for the sheer fun of it, which is really saying something. SC exists as Trails in the Sky's Second Chapter, picking up with the first game's cliffhanger left off.

XSEED has really been expanding lately, with plenty new releases on the way. But I'd really appreciate it if, after Trails in the Sky SC, they and everyone else stopped releasing these meaty RPGs for, oh, let's say five years. (Some of us need time to clear out our ever-growing backlogs.)

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