Plague Inc. Developer Is Making a Mode That Lets You Fight Viral Outbreaks

Plague Inc. Developer Is Making a Mode That Lets You Fight Viral Outbreaks

Become the cure, rather than the disease.

Plague Inc. is best-known for teaching players how diseases can spread. But in a new update, developer Ndemic Creations is working to put players in the place of those fighting off the outbreak.

Ndemic Creations announced earlier this week that it was developing a major new update to Plague Inc. that will let players save the world from the outbreak of a deadly disease. Developed with the help of real-life experts from the World Health Organization and Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, players will have to balance containing the disease with boosting healthcare and real-world measures like quarantining and triage.

The studio also announced it would be donating $250,000, split between the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Plague Inc. will also promote the response fund directly in-game, for any players who might want to support the WHO's efforts.

Plague Inc. is a simulation game about the spread of a virus, which is certainly topical right now. It was recently banned in China with little explanation beyond saying it contained illegal content. Plague Inc. has often touched on real-world situations, with updates that have added "fake news" and anti-vaxxers as diseases. At least with this update, we can start to be the cure for the disease, rather than the ones frustratedly trying to spread it to Greenland or Madagascar.

There's no date for the new update, though Ndemic says it will share more information as soon as it can. The outbreak-fighting update will be free for all Plague Inc. players.

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